Entrepreneurship: Conquering Depression & Anxiety Digital Book.

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Being this is my first published material, the book may not be perfect.  However, it’s meant to guide you into a topic that has profoundly affected many: mental health in entrepreneurship. Success isn’t just about chasing the next big idea or hustling relentlessly—it’s intricately tied to our mental well-being.

Think of this journey as a personal map through the often challenging terrain of Depression and Anxiety, tailored especially for those of us who are tirelessly shaping the business world. We’ll start with the basics—defining Depression and Anxiety and shattering those conventional images of entrepreneurs, where sacrificing sleep and sanity is glorified as the price of success. Instead, I’ll share ways we can champion our mental health while still driving our businesses forward.

I’m offering this digital book for free, or at any amount you deem it valuable. A large portion of the proceeds from any sales will be donated to the ‘Center for Workplace Mental Health‘, an initiative of the American Psychiatric Association Foundation. This organization is dedicated to assisting employers in promoting mental wellness among employees and their families.



For a Kindle Version or a Paperback Order ( coming soon ),  you may order the book on Amazon Here.  * Reviews would be so helpful if you download this version! *


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