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Hi, I'm Adam Brackbill,

Entrepreneur, Creator, Thinker, Father of Two.

My entrepreneurial journey began with a humble lemonade stand, marking the start of a diverse and eventful business career. I’ve delved into various fields, from landscaping and pet sitting to web development, and becoming a partner in a venture called Pursuit Coworking. Founding Urban Churn, an ice cream company, is among my notable ventures. This path has been a blend of both failures and successes, providing me with a wealth of experience. Alongside my business endeavors, I’ve navigated personal challenges, including severe bouts of depression and anxiety. My goal is to share the insights gained from these experiences, hoping to guide and inspire both emerging and seasoned entrepreneurs and leaders.

I’m excited to announce my first published book:

Entrepreneurship: Conquering Depression and Anxiety.

For the longest time, mental health was just another item on my checklist amidst the chaos of running a business. I used to think that being a “successful entrepreneur” meant pushing through mental challenges and working harder than anyone else. However, that mindset taught me that mental health is not something to be brushed aside or considered a luxury; it’s a lifeline. The demands of running a business, the endless hours, late nights, and constant juggling can wear down your resilience.

After experiencing a life-altering event, which was triggered by escalating stress, depression, and anxiety, I decided to journal and take notes on everything I learned. Throughout that period of journaling, I chose to blog and write a book titled “Entrepreneurship: Conquering Depression and Anxiety.” While the book isn’t perfect and I am still on my journey of learning and navigating the complexities of entrepreneurship, I hope that the insights I share will be beneficial to others in some way.

I’m offering this digital book for free, or at any amount you deem it valuable. A large portion of the proceeds from any sales will be donated to the ‘Center for Workplace Mental Health‘, an initiative of the American Psychiatric Association Foundation. This organization is dedicated to assisting employers in promoting mental wellness among employees and their families.

For a Kindle Version or a Paperback Order ( coming soon ),  you may order the book on Amazon Here.  * Reviews would be so helpful if you download this version! *

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